Accellera puts next release of SystemC library up for review

Transaction-level modelling and system-level analysis are important tasks for any low-power design activity given the major savings that can be made at this level: simply stopping transactions from repeating needlessly pays big in terms of reducing circuit activity and, with it, energy usage. So, a new release in the SystemC world is something to watch and version 2.3 of the library is the first to make its way towards public access since the merger of Accellera and the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI). Accellera has put up an early version of the v2.3 library for public review to work out whether some of it needs to change to work with the latest version of the language standard – IEEE 1666-2011 – to be published this month:

“The Accellera Systems Initiative Language Working Group (LWG) is making available an early SystemC library version 2.3 for public review.  The purpose of this public review is to obtain feedback on our updates to the Proof-of-Concept distribution to be compatible with the recently announced IEEE-1666-2011 update to the standard. We are looking for discrepancies versus the standard, and simple install/documentation issues against the supported platforms. We are not looking for any changes to functionality nor do we have any intent of expanding the official platform list.”

The group adds:

“It is our strong belief after exhaustive testing that this public review version correctly implements the standard. As a reminder, the purpose of this implementation is to provide proof-of-concept that the ideas embedded in the standard are achievable.”

If you want to see what’s in the upcoming standard, the group has archived a talk from last year’s DVCon.

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