NI brings TSN to CompactRIO

NI’s latest CompactRIO Controllers include NI-DAQmx and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) to support deterministic communication and synchronised measurements across standard Ethernet networks.

CompactRIOTSN has evolved from the IEEE 802.11 Ethernet standard, and it can be used to synchronise distributed systems across networks, which eliminates the need for additional synchronisation cables.

A design challenge for industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications is the acquisition of accurate, reliable and synchronised data across distributed nodes.

The new CompactRIO Controllers feature:

  • Sub-microsecond synchronisation with TSN over standard Ethernet for tightly synchronised, distributed measurements and control
  • Shorter time to measurement than previous CompactRIO Controllers because of intuitive NI-DAQmx driver software
  • Open and secure processing at the edge of the IIoT with the NI Linux Real-Time OS

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