3Com bid to free off modem standard procedure

3Com bid to free off modem standard procedure
Tom Foremski
In a bid to revitalise standard efforts in the high-speed modem area, currently bogged down in intellectual property wrangles, 3Com says it will license its 56kbit/s modem technology for a one time fee of $100,000. 3Com says it is working with patent holder Brent Townshend, who owns key modem patents, to make licenses easily available.
The development of a single 56kbit/s modem standard has run into delays because of the intellectual property wrangles. The lack of a single standard is holding up sales as customers wait rather than opt for incompatible systems.
Townshend has given 3Com an exclusive license to his technology. Although 3Com does not have the rights to sublicense the technologies to others, Townshend says that 3Com can sublicense any relevant patents on terms that will be announced at a later date.

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