AMD and Cyrix preview processors at CeBIT

AMD and Cyrix preview processors at CeBIT
Richard Ball
Chief pretenders to the Intel throne, AMD and Cyrix, previewed microprocessors with a 100MHz system bus at CeBIT. AMD’s offering is the K6-3D, to be launched officially on May 27. Along with the system bus speed increase, it has improved floating point performace to speed up 3D graphics.
“The 3D technology is 24 new instructions,” said AMD’s Claes Berglund. “They will do for floating point what MMX did for integer data,” he said. Cyrix has yet to adopt the instructions. The two companies have first to agree whether to use the same set. “The plan is for Cyrix and IDT to use the same instructions as us,” said Berglund. By early next year, AMD plans to release the K6-3D+.
“This integrates the level two cache on chip which will operate at the processor clock speed,” said Berglund. He claimed the device will match the performance of Intel’s Katmai processor.

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