AMD pulls back from K6 3D announcement

AMD pulls back from K6 3D announcement
Tom Foremski
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will not disclose availability of its next major K6 microprocessor at the CeBIT trade show in Germany next week, because of delays in support from software developers and customers.
The AMD K6 3D was announced in October of last year and it features major improvements such as 3D graphics processing through a new set of MMX instructions and also support for Digital Equipment’s Alpha microprocessor bus.
One key factor affecting delivery is a delay in the agreement on a single set of MMX instructions from AMD, Cyrix and IDT. The three companies originally planned to produce seperate and incompatible MMX extensions but software developers, especially Microsoft, said they would not support multiple MMX instruction sets.
K6 3D microprocessor availability is expected in late June. The delay could affect AMD as Intel rolls out its low end Celeron Pentiun II microprocessor. AMD has contracted with IBM to make some of its K6 microprocessors as it deals with yield problems within its fabs.

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