AMD to cut 300 jobs

AMD to cut 300 jobs
Tom Foremski
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is cutting 300 jobs as it projects a large loss for its fiscal first quarter.
AMD says it wont be able to ship the projected 5.5 million K6 microprocessor units in the current quarter because of production problems and Intel price cuts.
“We expect to ship no more than five million units of AMD-K6 family products in the first quarter,” said Atiq Raza, AMD co-chief operating officer and chief technical officer. “Demand for our desktop and mobile products remains strong. We plan to ship a minimum of five million units in the second quarter and believe we will meet our goal of shipping 20 to 25 million microprocessors this year. The final number of units will depend on our product mix, which is subject to a variety of factors.”
The 300 job cuts are part of AMD’s focus on its fast growing microprocessor business and the company said it will work on new microprocessors that integrate communications functions.

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