Analog's sensor to save back from pain

Analog’s sensor to save back from pain
Tom Foremski Analog Devices micromachined sensors are being used in a novel device designed to reduce back injuries. Analog’s ADXL202 iMEMS (integrated Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) sensor is being used by Texas-based Bio Kinetics in a pager-sized device designed to alert the user of movements that could cause back injuries. Called Back Talk, the device detects the user’s motions. Using the ADXL202’s ability to measure motion in two axes, and also shock and tilt, the Back Talk device gives a warning if a bending or lifting motion is unduly stressing the back. Bio Kinetics says that tests it has conducted with Back Talk showed an average 17 per cent decrease in the number of high risk lifts during a one week period. Public interest in the device has been significant, said Bio Kinetics.

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