Apple Computer sues bankrupt chip maker

Apple Computer sues bankrupt chip maker
Tom Foremski
Apple Computer has sued Exponential Technology, a bankrupt firm that tried to develop a superfast PowerPC microprocessor based on bipolar technology.
Apple’s lawsuit has asked the court to stop the sale of Exponential’s impressive patent portfolio and claims that its senior executives breached their fiduciary duty. The lawsuit is part of a legal dispute between the two companies, with Exponential suing Apple late last year for $500m.
Although Apple was one of the first investors in Exponential, relations between the two companies deteriorated early last year, when Apple shelved plans to use Exponential’s PowerPC chips in high end systems. The company filed for bankruptcy soon after and sold its 45 microprocessor patents in a closely watched auction. It was later revealed that graphics chip maker S3 purchased the patent portfolio.

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