Aptix explores systems

Aptix explores systemsRichard Ball
Aptix will be making two announcements at the Embedded Systems Show, including updated software for its System Explorer products and an increased capacity for MP3C.
System Explorer products, like the Pro-V system pictured, enable reconfigurable prototyping. This reduces both the cost and time needed to prototype a large Asic, or even a complete system.
The MP3C version is now capable of prototyping 1.2 million gates of logic, along with 1.2Mbits of memory.
The capacity increase has been made possible by the use of Xilinx Virtex FPGAs. A system can contain up to 12 Virtex800 modules.
Version four of the Explorer software adds a Java user interface. This, the firm says, simplifies prototyping and debugging of complex Asic designs.
Also included is a new memory compiler to automatically map single and dual port memories into the Xilinx FPGAs.
And the synthesis tools from Synplicity can now target Aptix boards.

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