Artifical lifeform research gets cash boost

Artifical lifeform research gets cash boost
Steve Bush
CyberLife Technology has received ?1m in venture capital funding from the Foresight organisation. “It will further our artificial lifeform applied research programme,” said CyberLife spokesman Howard Newmark.
CyberLife, the company behind the artificial life game Creatures, is aiming to expand into non-game applications. “Some of the money will go towards prototyping our technology to present it to interested organisations,” said Newmark.
Among proposed projects is one to model the behaviour of e-coli bacteria and another modelling ‘flocks’ of un-manned war planes. NCR, says Newmark, has previously employed CyberLife to assess floor layouts in banks.
The company will be reorganised into three business units. The Artificial Life Institute will develop high level concepts and the Applied Research Division will turn these concepts into tools. The third unit, Creature Labs, will develop entertainment products based on these tools.

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