AT&T to cut up to 3,000 technical jobs

AT&T to cut up to 3,000 technical jobs
Tom Foremski
AT&T is seeking to cut up to 3,000 technical jobs as part of its plans to reduce operating costs as it focuses on new markets.
The company is negotiating the cutbacks with worker union representatives and hopes that union members will voluntarily accept severance pay and other incentives to leave the company. It warned that if it doesn’t obtain the necessary agreements, it will go ahead and make layoffs.
AT&T wants to cut the number of technicians working on its phone and cable TV lines. But AT&T unions have warned that the cuts will jeopardise its communications networks.
AT&T recently said that it intends to acquire US cable company MediaOne Group in a bid to increase its share of cable TV subscribers and sell them telephone and Internet access services.

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