Avant! claims Cadence financial impropriety

Avant! claims Cadence financial impropriety
Tom Foremski
Hitting back at rival Cadence Design Systems, chip design software firm Avant! has been granted a new hearing in its legal battle with Cadence.
A California State court has agreed to hear Avant! evidence that it claims shows that Cadence gave improper financial assistance to the public prosecutor in a criminal case against Avant!
“Avant! welcomes the court’s decision. We look forward to presenting additional evidence on this important issue,” said David Stanley, Avant!’s General Counsel.
Although Avant! faces serious legal problems from its dispute with Cadence, it has been attempting to fight back with charges of its own, some of which claim that senior Cadence management sold short Avant! stock because of insider knowledge that a criminal prosecution would be launched against the firm.

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