Bellcore leads attempt to unclog phone networks

Bellcore leads attempt to unclog phone networks
Tom Foremski
Bellcore is leading a new initiative called the Internet Traffic Engineering Solutions Forum (ITESF) aimed at solving the growing problem of congested public telephone networks with plans to develop standards that would push data traffic away from public voice phone networks.
The company is working with leading service providers and equipment suppliers to develop generic standards for communications products that would off-load Internet traffic which is clogging the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
Bellcore says that the huge popularity of the Internet is creating problems for the PSTN, requiring phone companies to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in additional equipment with little or no compensating revenues.
“We must approach this problem together to develop products which adhere to common standards and fulfill all carrier requirements. A piecemeal approach by suppliers will likely result in products of limited use and interoperability problems,” said Bellcore senior director Jack Zatz.

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