Broadcom to acquire Epigram a US chip developer

Broadcom to acquire Epigram a US chip developer
Tom Foremski
Broadcom said it will acquire Silicon Valley based Epigram, a developer of chips for high speed home networking applications, in a deal valued at about $316m.
The acquisition will strengthen Broadcom’s product family and allow it to enter the home networking market which is predicted to become a $1bn market as home PC users network computers, peripheral and entertainment systems.
“This strategic acquisition completes our vision of extending the broadband connection throughout the home. It will enable the ubiquitous delivery of voice, data and video to any network-enabled appliance, PC or consumer electronic device over ordinary phone lines,” said Broadcom CEO Henry Nicholas. “This will provide a complete, standards-based silicon platform for a host of new consumer devices and applications.”
Epigram says that its technology allows for the use of existing phone lines in the home to carry data at speeds of up to 10 megabits per second.

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