BT rival makes move for home Internet market

BT rival makes move for home Internet market
David Manners
Cable operator NTL is taking the wind out of BT’s sails by offering a cable modem service which will deliver four times the bandwidth of BT’s Home Highway service.
What is more, NTL says it has enough scope in its network to offer more than 1Mbit/s data rates in future if customers want them.
NTL, which says it can reach a potential five million telephone subscribers, is offering a cable modem delivering a 512kbit/s data transfer rate downstream and 128kbit/s upstream. BT’s Home Highway delivers 128kbit/s both ways.
Why, asked EW, stop at 512kbit/s when 2Mbit/s modems are in existence? “The capability of our network is 27Mbit/s,” responded Terry Howard, director of strategic projects at NTL, “but we’ve capped the service at 512kbits because we can guarantee that level of service to all our subscribers.”
NTL is expecting demand from domestic users for more bandwidth. “We expect people will become bandwidth-hungry because the content suppliers will soon start bringing out products that require more bandwidth,” said Howard. “We’ve designed our network so that we can give users the capability to have 1Mbit/s downstream and 256kbit/s upstream.”

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