BT welcomes end to broadcasting ban

BT welcomes end to broadcasting ban
Richard Wilson
BT has welcomed the news that it will be allowed to offer entertainment services over its national telephone network in 2001.
According to BT’s managing director Bill Cockburn: “BT will now be better able to plan for the implementation of multimedia services to the home with the certainty that from 2001 any broadcast element to these services will no longer be prohibited.”
President of the board of trade Margaret Beckett broke the news in Parliament that the government would end in 2001 a ten year restriction on BT’s ability to broadcast entertainment services over telephone lines to its 24m residential customers.
The move may also be a major blow to the country’s struggling cable communications sector, which is already struggling to compete with satellite services. In 1990 the last government prevented BT from using its network for broadcasting video services in order to protect the fledgling cable television companies from competition.
BT has maintained that it needs to know that the restriction would end, in order to plan network investment in new broadband to the home technologies such as ADSL.

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