Chip sales figures good and bad

Chip sales figures good and bad
Tom Foremski
Global chip sales fell by 4.5 per cent in January compared with December 1997, according to the US Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), but remained 2.9 per cent above levels of one year ago.
The SIA blamed lower chip sales on the poor economies of Asian countries combined with expected seasonal slowness. European chip markets showed the strongest year to year growth, increasing by 10.5 per cent. The Americas and Asia-Pacific markets showed 7.3 and 7 per cent year-to-year increases respectively. Japan chip sales continued a slump, falling 12.8 per cent compared with January 1997.
Asian markets cannot be blamed for the entire droop in January chip sales compared with December 1997, with the SIA saying that all major markets showed a decline. January chip sales totalled $10.97bn.

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