CML signs Flint in sales reorganisation

CML signs Flint in sales reorganisation
Richard Wilson
Comms IC manufacturer Consumer Microcircuits Limited (CML) is reorganising its UK sales activities in a bid to boost business in the domestic market.
Essex-based CML currently obtains more than 80 per cent of its sales revenues from outside the UK and sales director Kevin Swann admits the firm has under- performed in the UK market.
Swann wants to grow the firm’s domestic business and is changing CML’s approach to the UK market. “We haven’t had the feet on the ground in the UK to provide applications support and back-up,” said Swann.
“There will be a change of approach to the market,” he added.
The company is ending a previous representative deal and has signed up Flint Silicon to run its UK distribution sales business. “We have a very small number of direct customers in the UK,” said Swann. “So Flint will be the main sales channel for the UK market.”
This month CML will launch its second generation chipset for the Tetra packet radio standard. As well as wireless chipsets, CML also supplies telephone ICs, such as caller ID and modem chips.

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