Cyrix introduces sub-$200 set-top box reference designs

Cyrix introduces sub-$200 set-top box reference designs
Tom Foremski
Cyrix and two other companies have introduced two reference designs for cheap computer devices that could cost less than $200.
The reference designs are based on Pentium compatible MediaGX microprocessors from Cyrix, DiskOnChip 2000 flash memory data storage from M-Systems, and BCOM’s all-in-one motherboard. The HomeNET design is aimed at home users and the WinNET2 is aimed at business users interested in running network computers.
M-Systems claims that its flash memory data storage offers up to 72Mbyte of capacity and future DiskOnChip products will offer 144Mbyte for much less than the cost of a hard drive.
The three companies hope that their reference designs will be used in a wide variety of new products such as set-top TV boxes, and Internet appliances. The reference designs use a 180MHz Cyrix MediaGX microprocessor, a 2-72Mbyte DiskOnChip, a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port, 8-64Mbyte of DRAM, direct Analog TV connection (NTSC/PAL/SCART), direct flat panel connection, 2 USB ports, parallel and serial ports, Infrared port for a wireless keyboard and remote control, smart card interface and ISA/PCI expansion ports.

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