Cyrix tries to upstage Intel with 300MHz microprocessor

Cyrix tries to upstage Intel with 300MHz microprocessor
Tom Foremski
Hoping to upstage new Intel microprocessor announcements later this week, Cyrix has introduced its new 300MHz M II microprocessor, the first of a line of microprocessors supporting a 100MHz PC bus.
Intel will announce 350MHz and 400MHz Pentium II microprocessors on Wednesday that also support a 100MHz PC bus, and its low end Celeron Pentium II microprocessor.
The M II replaces Cyrix’s 6X86 line and is aimed at the low to mid range PC market, for systems costing below $1500. Cyrix, a division of National Semiconductor, says that major PC manufacturers will soon announce PCs based on the M II. Cyrix hopes that customers will choose the M II instead of Celeron, which was recently rated as having low performance compared with competing low end microprocessors from Cyrix and Advanced Micro Devices.

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