Datrontech boss predicts memory market recovery next year

Datrontech boss predicts memory market recovery next year
Alex Mayhew-Smith
Martin Mulligan, managing director of Datrontech, said last week that he expects to see a recovery in the memory market in 1999.
“With the launch of Windows 98, the memory market may well recover in a year’s time,” he said. Two years ago semiconductor companies ceased building fabs but with Windows 98 32Mbytes is recommended, which will influence demand, added Mulligan.
However, there have been some doubts expressed in the industry over the take-up of Windows 98.
The company is also planning to increase its sales by 30 per cent in the next year by concentrating on the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector. Mulligan said that the SME sector had great potential for sales growth. “The multi-nationals and SMEs are growing. It is the middle ground which is being squeezed at the moment,” he said.

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