Digital mobile radio network goes commercial in summer

Digital mobile radio network goes commercial in summer
Melanie Reynolds The first UK commercial integrated voice and data mobile communications network based on the Tetra standard will go live this summer. Dolphin Telecommunications is launching the network which covers 90 per cent of the UK. “We recognise you have to have rapid national coverage to be viable,” said Ted Beddoes, Dolphin’s CEO. Network coverage across the UK, France and Germany will be offered by the end of 2000. The system is being targeted at business users. “We feel the range of services and functions cater for needs in a way that hasn’t been done before,” said Beddoes. The big advantage being pushed for the service is instant voice or data communication between individuals or groups. Individual virtual private networks can also be set up, depending on the business requirement. The service means the same terminal can be used as a mobile phone, as a press-to-talk radio or for sending text messages. Nokia, Motorola and Simoco are making the terminals for Dolphin which are available as either handsets or in-vehicle units. Dolphin already has order commitments for 600,000 units and plans to invest over $1bn in the network. Expressnet service at a glance
The service offers users four modes of communication: Digital mobile phone Digital mobile radio Advanced text messaging – up to 120 characters Packet data transfer – available later this year. It will provide Internet Protocol-based single and ultimately multi-slot connectionless data services operating at speeds from 7.2kbit/s to 28.8kbit/s.

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