Digital TV set-top box chip is singular success for LSI Logic

Digital TV set-top box chip is singular success for LSI Logic
Richard Ball
LSI Logic has unveiled a single chip design for baseband processing in digital set-top boxes. The SC2000 chip combines the back-end functions of the set-top box, including the MPEG-2 decoding, a MIPS microprocessor, NTSC/PAL encoder and a 2D graphics engine.
“We’ve built a good understanding of what is needed in a set-top box,” said Trevor Neal, market development manager at LSI Logic. SC2000 integrates four existing Asics plus a considerable amount of glue logic, said Neal.
Data can be taken from a DVD datastream, enabling a set-top box equipped with a drive to play movies. A front-end chip has also been developed that takes the input from an aerial, dish or cable and produces the complex baseband signal.
“With the new chipset, we can supply everything except the commodity items such as memory,” said Neal. The SC2000 chip is being built into reference designs for set-top box developers. The SDP2000 reference design will have a choice of three front-end modules for cable, satellite or terrestrial,” Neal said.
LSI has a target price of $20 for the SC2000, enabling set-top box makers to approach a total bill of materials cost of $100, Neal said.

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