DVDs 'better for PC than for video'

DVDs ‘better for PC than for video’
Melanie Reynolds Digital Versatile Discs (DVD) will have far greater success in the PC market than in the video market, according to a forecast by UK marketing consultancy Strategy Analytics. The firm predicts that 550,000 DVD Video players will be shipped to the US and Europe in 1998. However, shipments of DVD-ROM will reach 2.5m, boosted by sales of PCs with 400MHz or faster microprocessors. “One of the factors that has held DVD back is that the PCs that have been around are not able to bring the full benefit of DVD-ROM and video,” said David Mercer, emerging consumer technologies analyst at Strategy Analytics. DVD video sales are predicted to peak in Europe at 200,000 units a year until the arrival of DVD recorders in 2002. “The message is that purely as a video platform DVD faces a fairly limited opportunity whereas in the PC environment we see much greater potential,” said Mercer. DVD was introduced to the US market just over a year ago with only small quantities reaching Europe last year.

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