Electrospeed gets support from suppliers

Electrospeed gets support from suppliersRichard Wilson
Technical product support is the main driver behind strategic partnerships Electrospeed has entered into with eight of its suppliers.
The partnerships with suppliers Schroff and Vero for enclosures, Molex, FCI and Harting for connectors and Coutant, Melcher and Computer Products for power supplies involve product specific sales staff training designed to raise the level of technical support across the portfolio.
This co-operation programme with suppliers, says Electrospeed’s marketing director Rob Birse, should bring the supplier’s own level of technical expertise closer to the customer. “Effectively we are front loading technical support into the distribution end rather than just at the manufacturer end so customers get much easier access to a far more specialised technical support service than they would otherwise get,” added Birse.
As part of the programme the distributor’s sales engineers recently spent a week at Computer Products’ manufacturing plant in Cork where they gained product specific information and developed working contacts with the supplier.
The intention is for Electrospeed to take over much of the technical support previously handled by the manufacturer allowing the distributor to function as an extension of the manufacturer’s own support.
There is also a direct gain to Electrospeed in terms of gap filling, a customer for an enclosure will almost always also use connectors and a power supply.
“We can bring in product champions from all three disciplines to help meet the total customer requirement from a single source,” added Birse.

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