Eleventh hour talks to resolve Win 98 dispute

Eleventh hour talks to resolve Win 98 dispute
Tom Foremski
Microsoft has agreed to delay shipments of Windows 98 until early next week, as it sits down to eleventh hour talks with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and lawyers representing as many as 20 US states.
The DOJ and US states have in turn, agreed not to seek an injunction to stop shipments of Windows 98, hoping to reach a settlement with the software giant without resorting to legal action.
Sources close to the talks report that Microsoft has offered some concessions but the two sides are still far apart and plan to continue talks on Friday. The DOJ and US states are concerned about Microsoft’s tight hold on what operating systems PC makers are allowed to ship. The DOJ is also concerned about other issues, such as Microsoft’s promotion of a Java version of Windows. Sun filed a lawsuit earlier this week, asking a US court for an injunction against shipments of Windows 98 unless Microsoft modifies its version of Java to support cross platform applications.
Microsoft says that it still plans to go ahead with the general release of Windows 98 on June 25. PC makers say that the current delay wont affect their plans and that they were not expecting to receive the final version of Windows 98 until sometime next week anyway.

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