Embedded Processor Forum – Hitachi hits high at 1000Mips/W

Embedded Processor Forum – Hitachi hits high at 1000Mips/WRichard Ball
An embedded processor that hits the elusive performance/power figure of 1,000Mips per Watt has been announced by Hitachi at the Embedded Processor Forum. Specifications Device        
Power supply     
Operating frequency  Processing speed                      
Power consumption  Cache configuration        ‘ 7751F167
1.8V/3.3V (I/O)
8kbyte instruction/
16kbyte data caches ‘ 7751VF133
The company unveiled its latest SH-4 processor during the session for media-rich systems – those aimed at video games and consoles.
Running at 133MHz from a 1.5V supply, Hitachi claims the SH7751 processor manages 240Mips while using 240mW of power.
Versions running at 167MHz will also be available. They, however, require a slightly higher operating voltage of 1.8V and hence power is 400mW at 300Mips.
In addition to the improved performance/power ratio, Hitachi has added an on-chip controller for the PCI-bus.
The bus conforms to revision 2.1 of the PCI specification. It can connect with four PCI devices at 33MHz and one at 66MHz. Maximum bandwidth is 264Mbyte/s across the 32-bit bus.
The SH-4 was designed for video applications so it integrates a powerful floating point unit. A maximum of seven floating point operations can be executed each clock cycle, leading to 930Mflops or 1.2Gflops at 133 or 167MHz.
The SH7751 has separate direct mapped instruction and data caches and a memory management unit. An on-board memory interface works with DRAM, SRAM, ROM and PC Cards.
Hitachi will start manufacturing the SH7751 in August using a 0.18?m, five layer metal process. This should allow the device to reach 200MHz.

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