Equipment book-to-bill drops

Equipment book-to-bill drops
Tom Foremski
Reflecting lower demand from Asian chip makers, the north American semiconductor equipment industry reported a lower book-to-bill ratio for February of 0.92, showing that demand is sharply lower than shipments.
The average of three months shipments fell by four percent in February to $1.4bn compared with January. And bookings were five per cent lower in February at $1.3bn compared with January. But the US based Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) trade organisation said that February shipments were 38 per cent higher, and bookings were 17 per cent above February 1997.
“The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 31 per cent of the global market for equipment and consequently it’s no surprise that events in the Asian financial markets may be impacting the equipment industry,” said Dick Greene, senior analyst at SEMI. Greene added that SEMI members are monitoring the Asian situation but there is no signs yet of stability.

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