Error puts privacy key on other Intel microprocessors

Error puts privacy key on other Intel microprocessors
Tom Foremski
Intel says that a manufacturing mistake has included a controversial electronic ID feature in some of its other microprocessors as a Canadian firm reveals a way around Intel privacy safeguards on the Pentium III.
Intel said that the electronic ID number has turned up in some 366MHz and 333MHz Pentium II, and 266MHz and 300MHz Celeron microprocessors for mobile computer applications. A design error had caused circuits controlling the feature to be activated and that it has told its oems that it has an update to system BIOS that disables the feature. The electronic ID is a key feature of its Pentium III microprocessors.
Zero-Knowledge Systems, meanwhile, says it has developed an ActiveX programme that bypasses Intel’s Pentium Serial Number Control Utility. The company said that it produced the programme to show how a third party could get around the Intel utility and gain access to the confidential serial number.

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