Faster system bus on stocks at Intel

Faster system bus on stocks at Intel
Tom Foremski
Intel is preparing a 200MHz system bus according to a top industry analyst, as it seeks to eliminate system bottlenecks with its high end Pentium II microprocessors.
Speaking at the Microsoft WinHec conference in Florida, Michael Slater, senior analyst at US market research firm Microdesign Resources, said that Intel will introduce a 200MHz system bus in 1999 in conjunction with its high end Pentium II microprocessors, code named Katmai.
Slater said that although Intel is preparing to introduce its 100 MHz system bus, it would be too slow to keep up with Katmai microprocessors that will run at speeds of 700MHz and above. In addition, there will be fast Rambus DRAM memory chips available, which will require a 200MHz bus to achieve full performance.
The faster bus will also give Intel an important advantage over rivals Advanced Micro Devices and National Semiconductor, and it will pave the way for the 64-bit Merced in 2000.

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