Firms hit by Govt's 'hasty' new rules

Firms hit by Govt’s ‘hasty’ new rules
Political correspondent Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers has been warned that the hasty imposition of rules and regulations on the engineering sector is damaging firms. A delegation from the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF) told him that despite the government’s rhetoric about the need for entrepreneurs to prosper, it was small firms in leading edge technologies such as electronics that suffered most. EEF director general Graham Mackenzie highlighted the late publication of crucial guidelines for the minimum wage and working time directive as examples of where businesses did not have enough time to prepare properly. He said these and other regulations were introduced too fast and told Byers in future such rules should be introduced in two stages with a substantial consultation period followed by at least a three month period to allow firms to study the detailed regulations. The EEF also expressed concern about the UK government’s tough plans for introducing EU directives. Byers office refused to comment on what it described as “a private meeting”.

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