Firms warned about 'high-tech' criminals

Firms warned about ‘high-tech’ criminals
Political correspondent Firms and police need to upgrade their efforts to frustrate highly-sophisticated high-tech criminals who steal equipment worth an average of ?2,600 per raid. A Home Office study has revealed that sophisticated gangs identify the latest technology and repeatedly attack soft targets. The report Pulling the Plug on Computer Theft said that the average haul of sophisticated electronics, communications and IT equipment costs the firm concerned ?2,600. Such crimes made up 18 per cent of non-domestic burglaries and repeat thefts are common – 25 per cent of the total studied in Salford Greater Manchester. The thieves – often highly professional gangs – research the market and steal the most in-demand equipment and then often sell it through mainstream publications advertised as second hand computers. Firms are advised to avoid glass-fronted buildings and restrict public access to their premises by using ID cards and swipe card entry systems. Serial numbers should be recorded to help police track down stolen goods, and all information kept on computers should have a separate data back-up to cut the damage and inconvenience of the theft. If a company is raided, it should install new security and crime preventions measures as soon as possible because of the high risk of a repeat strike.

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