First digital radio receivers will be launched this summer

First digital radio receivers will be launched this summer
Melanie Reynolds
The first commercial digital audio broadcasting (DAB) receivers will be launched by five manufacturers this summer.
Blaupunkt, Clarion, Grundig, Kenwood and Pioneer will unveil car receivers which can be added to existing systems or used on their own. The BBC, which has been transmitting digital programmes for three years, is co-ordinating the launch.
Car radio accounts for 25 per cent of all radios sold and is seen as the ideal market to spearhead the launch of DAB. Digital radio transmissions currently reach over 60 per cent of the UK population.
“We always knew we were switching on our transmitter as a pioneering act,” said Glyn Jones, the BBC’s DAB project director. “It was part of a strategy to build confidence and create the right conditions for manufacturers.”
The BBC is keen to see digital radio technology moving into other market segments. “A couple of years ago digital radio was cutting edge technology,” said Jones. Now DAB receivers are coming down in price, he said.

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