First testing of silicon-28 devices to commence

First testing of silicon-28 devices to commence
Tom Foremski
Isonics has delivered a new type of silicon wafer for testing to Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) which could increase thermal conductivity for high performance chips.
The silicon-28 epitaxial wafers are isotopically pure and initial tests show that the material has a 50 per cent higher thermal conductivity than regular silicon. It could make possible the production of denser chips which will in turn improve chip performance and improve chip yields. The silicon-28 wafers can be used in existing chip manufacturing processes.
“We have taken the technology out of the laboratory and it will be evaluated in a production setting for the first time. This work will go a long way in determining whether the industry can take immediate advantage of the properties of silicon-28 in this generation of products,” said Isonics Vice President Stephen Burden.
The material was developed by researchers at Yale University and is made under license by Colorado based Isonics.

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