Fujitsu CAN do it with 32-bit microcontroller

Fujitsu CAN do it with 32-bit microcontrollerRichard Ball
A 32-bit CAN-bus microcontroller family will be launched at the ESS by Fujitsu.
Designed at the company’s European microcontroller design centre in Frankfurt, the MB91360 family is based on the firm’s FR 32-bit processor. Three controller area network (CAN) bus interfaces are integrated on the chips.
The first devices in the family will be manufactured using Fujitsu’s 0.35?m technology allowing them to run at 64MHz.
Integrated on-chip will be 512kbyte of flash, 1kbyte of instruction cache and 16kbyte of SRAM.
Still not content, the designers added a host of peripherals including sixteen channels of 10-bit A/D converter, stepper motor controllers, watchdog timers, sound generator and LED drivers. In total, the chips comprise some five million transistors and use 160 blocks.
Quite clearly, the devices are aimed at advanced automotive dashboards.
“The next generation car will have more than one CAN circuit and it all comes together at the dash,” said Clive Tilbury, marketing engineer at Fujitsu.
The company already has silicon in 16-bit single and double CAN controllers. The 32-bit versions will be available by October, Tilbury said.

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