Fujitsu snatches data storage record from IBM

Fujitsu snatches data storage record from IBM
Tom Foremski
Just days after IBM claimed a new world record in data storage, Fujitsu says it has done a little bit better and has snatched the world record with a prototype drive storing 2.4 gigabits per square inch.
This compares with IBM’s recent claim of a 2.3 gigabits per square inch prototype drive. The company said that its drive would allow commercial drives to store about 27 Gbytes on a single 3.5 inch platter. The achievement was made possible by the development of an advanced giant magneto-resistive (GMR) head, ultra-low noise media, and a new type of ultra-low flying head slider.
The GMR head uses a synthetic ferrimagnet sandwiched in a tri-layer structure to achieve two times the read sensitivity as conventional GMR heads. And new a new media material consisting of a CoPt-based quaternary alloy offers noise reduction as well as suppresses magnetisation decay caused by thermal agitation.
Fujitsu said that it expects to introduce commercial disk drives based on its new technology within the next one to two years.

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