Gates' Win 98 PR offensive overstates argument

Gates’ Win 98 PR offensive overstates argument
Tom Foremski
Parading a dozen key PC industry executives, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates launched a major PR campaign in New York yesterday, claiming that government attempts to halt the launch of Windows 98 would harm the US economy.
“It would be like telling General Motors that they couldn’t introduce new cars this Fall,” said Gates. Hoping to deflect imminent antitrust actions from US Federal and state governments, Gates claimed that a delay to Windows 98 would be serious and “ripple” through the economy.
However, Gates appeared to be overstating the importance of Windows 98, with most corporations saying that they will not adopt the operating system and with Gates himself saying in past speeches that the operating system will not be as significant as Windows 95.
Mike Pettit, head of the anti-Microsoft industry group Procomp, said that the Microsoft “public relations extravaganza is an attempt to bully policy makers and legal authorities into backing off of an important antitrust investigation.”

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