GEC: 'No comment' on link-up with NEC

GEC: ‘No comment’ on link-up with NEC
David Manners GEC is not commenting on press reports that it is hoping to secure a distribution deal with NEC for its telecommunications products. As GEC switches from defence company to communications company it is now looking for worldwide marketing outlets. GEC’s aim is to be a one-stop supplier of everything a telecommunications network operator needs to get into business – like Lucent Technologies. The Reltek purchase gave it local loop technology, the Fore Systems acquisition – expected to be completed in the next few days – gives it an ATM switching capability, and its own Marconi Communications provides the technology for public networks. A deal with NEC to distribute GEC’s solutions would be an important building block in implementing the strategy. The deal could also include R&D co-operation and an agreement to buy each others’ products.

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