'Get UK clued up on e-commerce'

‘Get UK clued up on e-commerce’
Steve Bush Government should raise awareness of electronic commerce if it wants to achieve its aim of making the UK the best place in the world to trade electronically. So claims Dr David Cleevely, MD of telecoms consultancy Analysys, newly appointed to the government’s steering group on e-commerce. Cleevely sees raising awareness as a key task. “I don’t think that British industry and the whole of the UK, including the civil service, is aware of the potential of e-commerce,” he said. Cleevely pointed out that, “a US government survey showed that it has added one per cent to the US GDP every year over the last five years. On average the UK grows under two per cent every year. One per cent could make all the difference, the government could be able to afford to do all sorts of things”. An active approach is needed. “In a committee one should go out and consult, then find out what other people think,” he said.

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