Graphics accelerator to put 2D into PCs

Graphics accelerator to put 2D into PCsRichard Ball
Stellar Semiconductor, a US intellectual property firm, has announ-ced a 2D graphics accelerator core aimed at low cost PCs and consumer equipment.
The TX2DIII core has been designed to integrate with any design flow and can be manufactured in any semiconductor process, the firm said.
“This core has been synthesised with clock rates up to 135MHz using three different 0.25?m libraries, compatible across eight different fabs,” said Jeff Tingley, v-p of engineering at Stellar.
The core integrates a triple 128-bit pipeline in under 140,000 gates. Using three busses allows three source operands, which makes for an efficient and compact instruction set.
The core supports standard 2D operations such as block transfers, block fills, vector drawing and colour keying. Block transfers run at up to 860Mbyte/s, while block fills can reach 5.4Gbyte/s.

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