Half of US homes now have a PC says Dataquest

Half of US homes now have a PC says Dataquest
Tom Foremski
PC penetration into the home continues to grow, with PCs now in half of US homes, says US market research firm .
This is welcome news for electronics firms who rely on a robust PC market for many of their sales. Dataquest says that the market has almost doubled since 1995 when only 27 per cent of US homes had a PC.
“The PC penetration rate continues to increase at a healthy clip, showing that the PC is rapidly becoming a standard household appliance,” said Dataquest analyst Van Baker. “There is evidence that the first-time buyers are coming from households in the lower socioeconomic levels. However, the increase in penetration is across all segments.”
The increase in home PC ownership is attributed to falling PC prices which are expected to continue falling this year as sub-$500 PCs come onto the market.

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