Hewlett-Packard expands Ipswich opto site

Hewlett-Packard expands Ipswich opto site
Richard Wilson
Hewlett-Packard is expanding its Ipswich-based components operation and is embarking on a recruitment drive in search of IC designers.
The facility, which designs and manufactures optoelectronics devices such as semiconductor lasers, is broadening its component activities into materials research and IC design. This involves the creation of an RF design centre.
According to Dr David Parker, operations manager HP’s Ipswich components operation, the site remains a centre of excellence for lasers and the company is investing in new gallium arsenide process technology to support this. However, there are also plans to widen the range of components being developed, which will lead to the recruitment of 50 design engineers over the next three years.
One of the biggest opportunities for the site is the growth of optoelectronic communications technologies in Gigabit Ethernet LAN backbone applications.

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