High-end graphics chip avoids Intel skirmish

High-end graphics chip avoids Intel skirmish
Tom Foremski
Hoping to avoid direct competition with Intel, US graphics chip firm Nvidia has introduced a high-end 3D graphics chip called Riva TNT, potentially offering faster performance than the current market leader Voodoo 2 from 3Dfx Interactive.
The 128-bit chip offers 250m pixel/s fill rate, processing two pixels per clock cycle with seven million transistors. The company is avoiding Intel’s I740 graphics chip which is aimed at low to mid-end markets and is hoping that graphics developers and high-end video games enthusiasts will buy systems equipped with the chip.
“The high performance segment is one of the most rapidly growing parts of the 3D PC graphics market, doubling in size in the past year,” said Dean McCarron, senior analyst at US market research firm Mercury Research.
The high performance of the Nvidia TNT, however, will require a heat sink on the graphics card, resulting in a larger system format.

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