IBM claims disk storage record

IBM claims disk storage record
Tom Foremski
IBM has again claimed the world record in terms of data storage with a laboratory demonstration of a disk drive that can store more than 20 billion bits of data per square inch.
The IBM achievement offers three times the data density of currently available disk drives. The drive can hold 2.5 gigabytes per square inch, enough capacity for two hours of MPEG-2 digital video.
“This laboratory demonstration is very good news for our customers and the data storage industry,” said Robert Scranton, director of recording head technology at IBM’s Almaden Research Center. “It shows that disk-drive capacities will continue to increase well into the 21st century.”
IBM invented the disk drive and has developed key technologies such as the magnetoresistive sensor in 1991. But as IBM continues to increase more data bits per square inch, it is coming up against physical limitations with tiny variations in temperature affecting the ever smaller magnetic domains.

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