IBM pumps cash into DSP core development

IBM pumps cash into DSP core development
Tom Foremski
IBM is further boosting its custom chip business with plans to pump $100m into new development, with a key focus on producing a core compatible with Texas Instruments (TI) popular DSP chips used in cell phones.
The goal is to add more than 24 new chip cores to its library of cores offered to its custom chip customers. One core will be compatible with TI’s TMS320C54X DSP, enabling IBM to target current TI customers with custom chip offerings that can save manufacturing costs by integrating several chips into one.
“IBM’s custom chip business grew by more than 70 per cent in 1997, based largely on our ability to handle complex designs,” said Mike Attardo, general manager of the IBM Microelectronics Division. “With the drive to integrate more components on a single chip, however, complex designs are becoming the norm. The investments we’re announcing today will make that expertise and technology available to more customers in a wider variety of applications.”
IBM will also offer customers its copper interconnect technology and says it is already working on seven custom chip designs using copper.

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