IBM takes ARM Thumb license

IBM takes ARM Thumb license
Tom Foremski
In a major deal that will help it with its plans to go public, UK microprocessor design firm Advanced Risc Machine (ARM) has added IBM as a licensee for its ARM microprocessors.
IBM said it would add the ARM7TDMI microprocessor core to its library of custom chip products as it works to increase the number of custom chip products it can offer customers. IBM recently licensed Sun’s Picojava microprocessor core in a similar deal.
ARM said it has filed documents in preparation for public flotation on the London Stock Exchange, and trading on the US Nasdaq stock market through American Depositary Shares. The company plans to raise about ?40m.
ARM recently announced a licensing agreement with Intel, that will allow it to produce new versions of Digital Equipment’s StrongARM chip and integrate it with future products.

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