IDT's low cost micros aimed at comms

IDT’s low cost micros aimed at comms
Tom Foremski
IDT has introduced the first members of a family of low priced embedded RISC microprocessors hoping to take advantage of a rapidly growing market for embedded microprocessors.
IDT’s RISCore32300 is a 32-bit architecture aimed at communications applications and breaks through the price/performance level of 10 cents/MIPS. The company claims that the RISCore32300 family is the first to include features found in 64-bit RISC microprocessors but without the cost, power consumption and software issues of moving to a 64-bit architecture.
The microprocessors include digital signal processing capabilities and improved bandwidth management through a novel approach to pre-fetch support and non-blocking loads, and conditional move instructions. The processor is also compliant with Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system.

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