Industry leader calls for action on skills shortage

Industry leader calls for action on skills shortage
Richard Wilson
skills shortages in the electronics sector has been singled out as an issue to be tackled by the president of the Federation of the Electronics Industry (FEI).
Newly elected David Brown, who is chairman of Motorola Ltd, believes the electronics industry is particularly sensitive to the lack of specific skills in its young workforce. “This needs to be tackled at root by persuading today’s youth to be part of a dynamic and fun industry,” said Brown in his inaugural address to the FEI.
He identified the importance of sustaining the collaboration between the FEI and the Department of Trade and Industry for developing the skills base in IT and electronics.
In a wide-ranging speech, Brown, who has Albert Shipton of STMicroelectronics as his deputy, also referred to the FEI’s role in promoting the industry not just in political and commercial institutions but in society as a whole. “We have a duty to make the people who depend on it, that is everyone in Britain, aware of the potential of the industry,” he added.

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