Infineon to 'mothball' Tyneside fab by June

Infineon to ‘mothball’ Tyneside fab by June
David Manners Infineon Technologies’ (formerly Siemens Semiconductor) Tyneside DRAM factory will be mothballed by June, virtually sealing its future as a potential IC manufacturing plant. ‘There’s been no serious interest,’ an Infineon spokesperson told Electronics Weekly. ‘If somebody comes up – a serious investor, a serious buyer – we wouldn’t refuse them, but we are taking measures to mothball the plant in the summer.’ The spokesperson added: ‘We had 80 employees there at the end of March but in June that will drop below 50. Equipment is being taken out and moved to Infineon or being sold, cleanroom equipment is being prepared for removal, the pipes are being capped, the ultra-clean room environment is being preserved on a maintenance only basis.’ The company stressed that the building could be used again and that a manufacturing line could be ramped up there. In practice, however, the costs of re-equipping the fab and getting it up and running would probably be more costly than building a new plant from scratch.

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