Infineon to show TriCore

Infineon to show TriCoreRichard Ball
Details of TriCore, Infineon Technologies’ 32-bit microcontroller/DSP device will be made available at ESS.
The first derivative of TriCore, the TC10, has a performance of up to 80Mips. It is aimed at automotive powertrain, DVD, digital cameras and hard disk drive controllers.
Infineon has also made some new partnerships to support the TriCore, including with Wind River Systems for its Tornado development environment.
On the 16-bit micro front, Infineon has announced a partnership with Synopsys to develop a synthesisable VHDL version of the C166.
“We’re hoping for 66MHz silicon by the end of 1999,” said a company spokesperson. The C166S will be made available for other firms to license as an intellectual property core.
“We’re also shrinking the standard C166 family to a 0.5?m process,” he said.

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